What is High Contrast Development?

When arriving in this world, your baby's vision is blurry. High Contrast (Black & White) images are easy to focus on and thus naturally preferred by babies (they love looking at it). When babies spend time focusing (and concentrating) on these images, new nerve pathways in the brain develop and are strengthened. This not only supports their visual development, but promotes early learning and concentration skills.


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High Contrast Necessities

A Range of products your baby will enjoy and can contribute to reaching their Milestone Markers

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High Contrast Mobiles & Toys

Toys to satisfy your little one's playful needs

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Bunny Buddy Teethers

High Contrast Bunny Ear Teether and Rattle

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Hand Crafted Crochet Products

Soft, Sensory and High Contrast

Growing Up

Products to support ongoing development

Our Mission

To develop products that not only equip you with a calming and bonding activity to share with your little one from the first week of life., but also to use this window of opportunity where your baby naturally loves High Contrast Images, to encourage strong neurological development and sensory awareness. Our range of products grow with your baby to help discover and nourish senses in support of ultimately Mastering Milestones

Discovering Senses is Mastering Milestones

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