Where it all started...

Hi, I'm Bernelee, and this is the Think Baby story

Its Black & White really!!

Reality quickly sets in when you realize the immense responsibility that you have as a new parent. It's true that it takes a village. Not always literally, but when looking at what you can learn and share as you journey along your parenting adventure -  we all help each other some way or another.

This is my passion, to give back and to serve.

So why High Contrast?

The first time I came across information on High Contrast Images, my first boy was 1 month old. I was absolutely amazed at how these black and white images fascinated him and how - at 1 month old, he already followed a tracking card left to right, up and down. 

I started researching clinical trials on infant visual and neurological development, The information was overwhelming and in favor of early exposure to high contrast imaging. I found it, this is what I need to develop, an interactive product that can be used from birth; educational for babies and a bonding opportunity for parents. I started the business end of 2020, with lots of anticipation and excitement and a very successful first market at Flair. Just like most business, it has been tough at times, If it hadn't been for my husband and friends that believe in me and in the products - as much as I did, I might not have pushed through.  

So, being a mom of now two boys, I continue to develop products which I wish I had. Products that are practical, safe, easy to clean, easy to transport and good quality- and gives my baby the opportunity to enjoy high contrast images - wherever they are. 

Its all about Discovering Senses and Mastering Milestones.

All Glory to our King and Father for releasing me in this journey and being my number one support. 

Thank you for your support and for reading Our Story, because it takes a village. :)